Apple Tree 

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Apple Tree Preschool 2022-2023 School Calendar

                                                                               Mini Sessions


6th & 8th

                                     Tuesday- Sept. 6th                                       Thursday- Sept. 8th

                  9:00-10:30     Mrs. Klingbiel/ Mrs. Jordan                   9:00-10:30     Mrs. Howard/ Mrs. Rovenhagen-Murphy 

                 12:30-2:00     Mrs. Rovenhagen-Murphy/ Mrs. Jordan               12:30-2:00     Mrs. Howard/ Mrs. Rovenhagen-Murphy


7th & 9th              First full day of school

28th                       Open House- We will have food trucks set up in the parking lot

                                                                 5:00-7:00 p.m.- Please come at your allotted time

                                                             5:00-5:30 Mrs. Klingbiel AM class                   Mrs. Jordan AM class

                                                            5:30-6:00 Mrs. Rovenhagen- Murphy  Pm class (MTW)   Mrs. Jordan PM class

                                                            6:00-6:30 Mrs. Howard AM class                    Mrs. Rovenhagen-Murphy AM class

                                                            6:30-7:00 Mrs. Howard PM class                    Mrs. Rovenhagen-Murphy  PM class (TH-F)

28th & 30th              Dress up as what you want to be when you grow up


5th & 7th                 The Plainfield Fire Department will visit Apple Tree

10th                          No school- Columbus Day

18th & 20th             Field Trip days

28th & 31st              Costume Day- Wear your favorite Halloween costume/ Halloween parties and parade


2nd & 4th              Picture Days

9th & 12th              Wear red, white, and blue

16th & 18th            Family Appreciation Day (Fall Program)

21st-26th               Thanksgiving Break

28th                       Joliet Morning Star Mission collection drive begins


7th 2023/2024      School Year Registration for current students

8th 2023/2024     School Year Registration opens for Apple Tree alumni families

14th & 16th            Last day of Joliet Morning Star Mission donations

21st & 22nd            Last day before winter break- classroom parties and wear you favorite PJ’s to school

23rd                         Winter break begins- No school from December 23rd thru January 8th


9th                      Classes resume and Literacy Awareness begins. Each month we will feature a different author

10th & 12th        Parachute days

16th                     No school-  Martin Luther King Jr. Day

17th                     Apple Tree Preschool fundraiser event begins

24th                    Open online registration for New students- Fall of 2023

25th & 27th       Bring your favorite Teddy Bear to school


2nd & 7th            Parachute days

10th & 14th         Valentine party- wear Valentine colors

20th                     No School- Presidents Day


1st & 2nd              Bring your favorite book to school

3rd & 6th             No school- Parent/teacher conferences

14th & 16th          Parachute days

22nd & 24th        Dress like a king, queen, or your favorite fairytale character


3rd-7th                 No school- Spring Break

10th                      Classes resume

11th & 13th           Parachute days

12th & 14th          Fun hat & sock days


21st                      Family Picnic- Van Horn Woods 12:00-2:00

23rd & 25th        Popsicle/Field day- wear your summer attire

24th & 26th       Last day program 10:00 am & 1:30 pm